Yorkshire’s Religious Heritage c.1780-c.1910

Author: Peter J. Hills and Veronica Wallace

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  • ISBN: 978-1-906604-59-2
  • Published: 2016
  • Publisher: PLACE


This book is a celebration of the contribution of religion to our cultural heritage in the ‘long nineteenth century’. It was a period of major changes, starting with the ministry of John Wesley and the development of Methodism. Another important contribution was made by the Quakers. There were also changes in the Church of England, particularly the Evangelical Revival and the Oxford Movement, and the period also saw the end of persecution of Roman Catholics. The papers were delivered at a conference in Harrogate.

  • George Herring: Declines and Revivals: An overview of the Church of England from 1780 to 1910
  • Barbara Windle: ‘Let your life speak’: putting religious experience into social action
  • Paul Toy: Divisions in the Methodist movement in the early nineteenth century
  • Leo Gooch: The Yorkshire Catholics before and after 1850
  • Paul Toy: Developments in religious music in the nineteenth century
  • Peter J. Hills: The Parish Church in the nineteenth century, restored and new