Yorkshire Names and Dialects

Author: Margaret Atherden

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  • ISBN: 0-9540664-6-4
  • Published: 2006
  • Publisher: PLACE


The papers in this booklet are by renowned experts and are on the common theme of how names and words have been used in the landscape of Yorkshire. Topics range from studies of Anglo-Saxon and Viking place names, through the study of personal and family names, to the variations in dialect across Yorkshire.

  • Margaret Gelling: Place-names and Landscape in Yorkshire
  • Gillian Fellows-Jensen: The Vikings in Yorkshire: the place-name evidence
  • Paul Cavill: The Last Word? After the Yorkshire Place-name Survey
  • George Redmonds: Some Regional Characteristics of Yorkshire Surnames
  • Jonathan Robinson: Sounds Familiar! A web-based archive of Yorkshire voices past and present
  • Melvyn Jones: A sense of place and a way of speech: West Riding dialect words and expressions in the children’s stories of Juliana Horatia Ewing (1841-1885)
  • Arnold Kellett: The Origin and Variety of Yorkshire Dialect
  • Arnold Kellett: Yorkshire Dialect Humour