Yorkshire’s Green and Healthy Land? Connecting urban and rural greenspace

Author: Margaret Atherden, Aileen Bloomer and Veronica Wallace

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  • ISBN: 978-1-906604-31-8
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: PLACE
  • Type: PDF


The 21st century has seen increasing public awareness of the links between health and the environment and an appreciation of the importance of green spaces to both humans and wildlife. The papers in this booklet, produced by PLACE and the Royal Geographical Society following a conference in Leeds, explore a range of issues connected with green space, from urban planning and green belts to nature conservation and sustainable management of the uplands.

  • Sir John Lawton: Urban Green Space and Human Health: the View of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
  • Rachael Unsworth: Liveable Cities
  • Andy Smith: Does the Environment Determine Health Enhancing Physical Activity or is it all in the Genes?
  • Joseph Holden et al: Sustainable Uplands for Sustainable Lowlands
  • Simon Warwick: A New Future for Yorkshire’s Wetland Past
  • Alan Simson: Trees in the Post-Industrial Landscape and the Writing of the ‘Third Poetry’
  • Chris Marshall: Greening the Green Belt