Wetlands in the Landscape: Archaeology, Conservation, Heritage

Author: Margaret Atherden

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  • ISBN: 0-9540664-0-5
  • Published: 2001
  • Publisher: PLACE


Wetlands are widespread in Britain, from upland blanket bogs to coastal marshes. They have the capacity to preserve their own history through the preservation of organic materials, thus providing an archive for study by ecologists and archaeologists. The scholarly papers in this book illustrate the wide variety of research projects based on wetlands.

  • John Coles: Wetland Archaeology: values and problems at AD2000
  • Peter J. Davey, Jeff J. Blackford, Richard C. Chiverrell, Jim B. Innes and Philippa R. Tomlinson: The Curragh and other lowland wetlands of the Isle of Man
  • Jason R. Kirby and Benjamin R. Gearey: Pattern and Process of Holocene vegetation and wetland development in the Humber lowlands
  • Tim Milsom: Agri-environment schemes and the conservation of biodiversity of wetlands in England and Wales
  • Peter Halkon: Water and wood – change and continuity in East Yorkshire wetland
  • Ian Panter: The survival of waterlogged wood from archaeological deposits
  • Margaret Atherden and Bob Missin: The Vale of Pickering Wetlands Project
  • Bryony Coles, P.R.F. Chanin, J.G. Evans and J. Hatton: Notes on landscape modification by present-day beaver in western Europe and the interpretation of the palaeoenvironmental record
  • Ian Rotherham and Geoff Cartwright: Urban Wetland Conservation: case studies in environmental and economic renewal