Langdale Forest: A case of mistaken identity

Author: Brian Walker

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  • ISBN: 978-81-906604-47-9
  • Published: 2014
  • Publisher: PLACE


Many people assume that Forestry Commission plantations are of little value to wildlife. In this booklet, the author challenges this assumption, using the example of Langdale Forest on the North York Moors. He shows that the forested area contains a rich diversity of habitats and wildlife, including the verges alongside forest tracks, waterways and wetlands, remnants of ancient woodland, and long term open spaces, e.g. peat bogs. He also shows how the forest has preserved cultural heritage, from Bronze Age barrows to remains of 18th and 19th century rabbit warrens. Birdlife in the forests reflects the different stages of the conifer crop, with species such as great grey shrike found on felled and regenerating areas and species such as crossbills found on mature trees. The forests also provide habitats for invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.