Deep Dale: making space for nature in a North Yorkshire forest

Author: Brian Walker

Price: £8.00 incl. P&P

  • ISBN: 978-81-906604-73-8
  • Published: 2020
  • Publisher: PLACE


Dalby Forest is one of the largest forest areas in Yorkshire. The current forest cover is almost all less than 100 years in age and is dominated by conifers from all the continents of the northern hemisphere. Despite its comparatively recent imposition on the landscape, it is a treasure house of some of Britain’s best natural assets. Deep Dale in the north-east corner of the forest is sometimes called the ‘Forest in Miniature’ because all the features found there are replicated in some way throughout Dalby Forest. Since ‘wilding’ began in the 1980s, the Forestry Commission and local field naturalists have worked together to ensure that the Deep Dale story is one of continuing success in making space for nature. The results of their studies are presented in this book,
including detailed records of geology, plantlife, mosses and liverworts, bats, birds and invertebrates.