City Walls – Their Conservation and Use

Author: Michael F. Hokinson and Margaret A. Atherden

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  • ISBN: 978-0-9553424-4-8
  • Published: 2007
  • Publisher: PLACE
  • Type: PDF


This booklet, based on a conference held in York, looks at the development, protection and modern usage of city walls. It considers changes in how walls have been utilised since their original defensive function became obsolete. It examines the processes and costs of maintaining the walls in the 21st century and some of the organisations involved in protecting them.

  • Michael F. Hopkinson: ‘Going up the wall’: adaptive reuse of City Walls
  • Barbara Wilson: Walls and Bars: the testimony of the artist
  • Eric Branse-Instone: Assessing the Significance of York City Walls: the role of English Heritage
  • John Price: The Walled Towns Friendship Circle
  • David Kincaid: Canterbury City Walls
  • John Oxley: The Conservation and Interpretation of York City Walls
  • Rory McCarthy: Making best use of the City Walls: ‘2000 years in a 2 mile walk’
  • Michael Tavener: The Repair and Restoration of the Walls of York