Agriculture and the Rural Landscape

Author: Margaret A. Atherden

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  • ISBN: 0-9524970-7-7
  • Published: 2000
  • Publisher: PLACE
  • Type: PDF


This booklet focuses on the historical legacy of past farming practices, as seen in the landscape today, and the challenges of conserving this legacy for the future. Written at the turn of the century and based on papers delivered at a conference in York, the booklet includes information on grant schemes current at the time.

  • Ian Dormor: Archaeology and Agriculture – Management by Incentives
  • Amy Lax and Marcus Jecock: Aerial Photography and Agriculture: the Growing Picture
  • Heather M. Beaumont: Walls and Fields in Wharfedale
  • Alison C. Armstrong: Laithes, Field Barns and Hennery-piggeries in the Pennine Dales
  • Richard Fuller: Givendale – A Farm in Harmony with Nature
  • Heather M. Beaumont and Keith H. Harrison: Resources for Research in Local History
  • Amanda Mathews: Public Perceptions of Agricultural Landscapes
  • Stuart Pasley: Public Policy and Grant Schemes