Exploring Yorkshire’s Folk Heroes and Legends

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‘Fables….. When reason borrowed fancy’s painted wings’: Exploring Yorkshire’s Folk Heroes and Legends.

Knaresborough Castle tunnel

Tunnel at Knaresborough Castle

Our spring conference 2010 was held on Saturday 27th March 2010 in King James’ School, Knaresborough.

Speakers presented entertaining and stimulating papers as follows:

  • Prof. Jim Sharpe – Dick Turpin
  • Prof. Barrie Dobson – Robin Hood
  • Dr Peter Hogarth – dragon legends
  • Dr Peter Addyman – Yorkshire’s secret tunnel legends
  • James Hunt – Mother Shipton and Blind Jack
  • Dr James Gregory – folk heroes and legends: a 21st century perspective (presented by Peter Addyman in Dr Gregory’s absence.

The conference included a most enjoyable visit to the Knaresborough Castle tunnel, complete with cave spiders!

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